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Count the cards at Black Jack

October 28, 2017

Black Jack is a strategy game and no player can rely on the postman to claim success. Therefore, learning each of the strategies at Black Jack is almost indispensable or otherwise obligatory! All the strategies that you are asked to learn in Black Jack all have a very important role and each one of them with a specificity that allows him to give the lead to all the players who practice it. Thus, we will together study the history of Black Jack and talk about the rules that govern it. We can then ask ourselves the following questions:What are the origins of the card counting method? What is the mode of operation of the card counting strategy in the game of Black Jack? Thus, following our article, we will attempt to answer these questions.

What are the origins of the card counting method?

The story of card counting is very upset, as many researchers believe it was a method that came into existence long before the author Edward Thorp’s novel came out . Despite this fact, we can say that the counting of cards, began to be known and practiced thanks to the work of the famous mathematician Edward Thorp in ” Beat the leader “. So, in 1962, card counting strategy was recognized by all casinos, and amateur or professional players began to practice this method. It is true that since its appearance in the world of Black Jack, card counting has undergone many changes to the delight of casinos who want to limit the advantage of all players.

What is the operating mode of the card counting strategy?

There are several card counting systems present in Black Jack. Nevertheless, the general strategy consists in following the cards that are distributed by the dealer . The player considered as a counter, must then spin all the cards that are given and adjust the amount of his bet according to the different game sequences. The counter must give cards ranging from 2 to 6 a value of -1 . between 7 and 9 are zero, therefore 0 , and those with strong values – 1 .